Parkour Visions’ New Home

We’ve spent the last year building a gym to safely explore human movement, personal creativity, and self-confidence. We’ve helped people develop strength, learn valuable skills, assess risks, build courage, and have fun! We do it through our daily academy classes for kids and adults, weekly visits with at-risk youth in our outreach program, and quarterly programs with schools and park departments around Seattle.

Our curriculum, coaches, and community has now grown to the point that we need a bigger, more permanent space where we can teach multiple classes at the same time, seat parents and observers comfortably, build crazy new obstacles, host more open gyms, and develop new programs to reach more people.

And we’re depending on our community to help us out.

How you can help

We’re the only 501(c)3 non-profit parkour gym in the US. We’re conservative with our budget and use proceeds from classes to pay for most all of our operating costs. In making a big move like this, though, we’re in dire need of extra funds to pay the upfront costs of leasing and building improvements. Every bit helps.

You can donate online via PayPal right now:

PKV Donor Wall

We appreciate any and all donations to the Parkour Visions community, but we’d like to specially recognize larger gifts. Gifts in the ranges listed below will get your name engraved and mounted on an item in the gym that people will see and use every day.

$201 – $1000: Your name in wood
Donations in this range will get the donor’s name laser-etched on a piece of wood and embedded in a hold on the donor wall.
$1001 – $2500: Your name in metal
Donations in this range will get the donor’s name engraved on a bar, railing, or other metal object on the donor wall.
$2501 – $5000: Your name on a big feature
Donations in this range will get the donor’s name engraved on a rope on the donor wall, a railing next to it, big rock outjut, or whatever you bring in that we can mount 😉
$5000+: Your name in space
Speak to us about placing your name/insignia onto one of our vault boxes, or other prominent, frequently-used space in the new gym.

Email us to talk about other donation options.

Other ways to help

We’re going to need lots of material to build out our new space. We’ll be doubling our size at least, and it’s going to look more than a little empty when we get there. Here’s some of the things we’ll need to get started:

  • plywood (ACX sheets)
  • lumber (2x4s, etc)
  • horse stall matting

For a more comprehensive list of the things we can use, see the In-kind Donation List. We’ll also need help moving to and building out the new space. If you’re interested in donating materials or helping us move this Spring, email Eric.

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About Parkour Visions

Parkour Visions is a 501(c)3 nonprofit formed to collaborate with communities and organizations to promote accurate instruction and portrayal of parkour while encouraging a fit, healthy, and confident lifestyle. Our charter is to teach the safe and effective practice of parkour in our community and to connect traceurs in the region and across the world.

Parkour Visions also seeks to provide service opportunities for giving back to the community. Our community helps children and adults of all walks of life reconnect with their innate love of movement, connect with their surroundings, and experience the full potential of what their bodies and minds can do.