parkour & urban adventuring

Join us April 9 - 13 for an urban adventure this Spring Break! 9AM - 3PM

Each day students will use parkour to explore one of Seattle's coolest spots -- Volunteer Park! We will not only run, jump, climb, swing, and crawl through the incredible trees but learn more about our world through learning navigation and map-making skills, visiting local cultural spots, an appreciation for nature through outdoor play, and cooperation through games. 


Full Day Week: 9AM - 3PM
Early Bird Price: $395

Half Day Week: 9AM - 12PM
Early Bird Price: $270

Meet Your Instructors!

Bryan Riggins, Lead Coach

Urban adventurer and local enthusiast, Bryan has been training Parkour since 2008 shortly after stumbling upon a series of old grainy YouTube videos detailing the founders (and friends) jumping from wall to wall playfully enjoying their urban environment. He used to follow the motto "80% conditioning, 20% technique" spending his days en(joy)during "body hardening" sessions either in solo or in a group.

Since then his interest in movement has broadened to the disciplines of weight training, systema and plyometric training, and outside of training and coaching he enjoys reading sport science papers, philosophy, neuroscience and psychology.

Quinn Safaie, Assist

Quinn first started with gymnastics, and fell in love with parkour in 2011. Most recently, he completed the intensive PKV apprenticeship, with the hope of being able to share his love of movement with others! He loves flips, runs, moves, and just some good ol’ jumps, and his biggest goal is to become a well rounded athlete.