What is Movement for all?

Today the vast majority of sports and recreation are putting up pay walls--from expensive equipment to field and league fees. Sports, recreation, and physical activity are fundamental to human health and play is a human right. We all should have the opportunity to be taught how to use our bodies and to find joy in our movement.

The Movement For All Fund is a commitment--a pledge to ensuring that everyone has access to a lifelong path to joyful movement, regardless of ability, gender, race, or status. Parkour is this path.

Our Goal

Our community goal is to raise $25,000 by 11:59pm on Sunday, February 24th, 2019.

A small group of dedicated practitioners and families passionate about parkour have pledged to match every donation, up to $25,000! Donate today to double your impact and help create movement for all!

what are we creating together?

The MFA Fund will primarily focus on increasing access, from low-cost & free classes to providing pop-up playground equipment to new sites and launching programs for new populations in 2019. It will also support key community events, coach development, resource sharing, and administration.

To highlight a few initiatives being supported by the MFA fund in 2019:

Double the number of low-cost, affordable summer camps in partnership with Seattle Parks & Rec and the Associated Recreation Council and Expand our free afterschool programs for at-risk youth to a second site, in partnership with King County.

Adaptive Programs-01.jpg

Pilot a new Adaptive Parkour program, bringing parkour skills and learning to individuals with disabilities, as well as our Playful Aging program, serving older adults and seniors.

Develop and deliver a curriculum training program for Physical Education teachers, promoting the teaching of parkour alongside conventional sports in public and private schools.


Release free educational content, coaching development, and community building tools from our archive through our Souce-share platform. Cultivate a network of contributors and volunteer authors.

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Support international leadership cultivation and events including the Art of Retreat, an international conference, and the North American Womens Gathering.

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YES, You Make An Impact

Each onE-time or monthly donation helps increase access to movement for all.

Please choose a giving level in the column to the right.  Each donation also enters you for a chance to win one of our giveaways from our community partners below who also share in this vision for #MovementForAll.


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Go Getters, Go Givers

Parkour Visions, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, is a national community of go getters and go givers. We share our knowledge, skills, time, and resources in the spirit of ensuring everyone, regardless of age, ability, or dimension of diversity, has access to a path for lifelong physical and emotional health.

…And we are not alone!

Organizations, companies, and brands across the world who share this vision for #MovementForAll have partnered up with us to share some awesome parkour giveaways! See what’s in store…