Adult Classes (ages 14+)

Our adult classes are open to students ages 14 and up. All students, no matter their movement background, begin in Level 1, where they will learn basic movement patterns foundational for both parkour and freerunning.

Many Level 1 students spend months or years mastering parkour fundamentals, and students who test into higher level classes often still come to Level 1 classes to work on polishing the skills at the heart of parkour and freerunning. Most students will need to dedicate time outside of class to developing the strength and skills needed for higher level classes. If you'd like to learn more about how class levels work, ask at the front desk or check out the wiki.

Classes last 90 minutes are are instruction focused. We also offer adult open gym every day of the week except Friday. If you are new to parkour, please attend your free first class before coming to open gym.

Adults also have access to 60 minute elective classes which run concurrent with evening open gym during the week. These classes are free with a monthly base membership.

To register for the first time, click "reserve" on the class you want and follow the prompts to create an account. Once your account is created you will be registered for the class.