Parkour Visions Gym is closing


On November 22nd, our indoor classes will end and Parkour Visions’ Gym will close at its current location.

The City of Seattle is requiring that the building we rent be upgraded to meet current energy code and seismically reinforced in order for our use to continue. Rather than pay for these very expensive improvements, or give us time to raise the money ourselves, our landlord has chosen to terminate our lease. We have exhausted all recourse and begged them to reconsider to no avail. We must be out of the building by November 30th.

This is a devastating blow emotionally and financially. Just over a year ago we invested every dollar we had saved in moving our gym to its current location. Our staff and friends volunteered their nights and weekends to shape this space into a new home believing that we would have at least six years to make it worthwhile. 

This is a critical moment in the life of our organization. But as you know, parkour is all about overcoming obstacles.  We are committed to keeping our vibrant community together.  With your help we can ensure that Parkour Visions is around for a long time to come.

We are working to raise $100,000 in donations by the end of the November to help us through this unexpected transition.  A small group of committed PKV families have pulled together a pool of $50,000 and will match every gift from our community fundraising campaign dollar-for-dollar!

The funds raised will allow us to sustain operations and pay staff as we continue to provide classes in the community while conducting a thorough search for our new space. It will also provide the money needed for equipment storage and all the move-in and build-out costs associated with a new location allowing us to move in as soon as we find our new home.

Details (check back for updates)

Will I get my money back for canceled classes?
Yes! Memberships, series, and prepaids will be adjusted/refunded to reflect our new end date. Class package holders please come to as many classes as you can before the 22nd! We’ll begin processing refund requests for unused classes on our current pricing system after November 30th. 

Will there still be classes to take from PKV after November?
Yes! While we are searching for our next home we'll be partnering with several community centers and gyms as well as running regular outdoor classes. Much of this won't be available until early next year but we'll continue to send out updates as we make the schedule. 

How can I help? (email:

  • Parkour Visions is 501(c)3 non-profit and can accept donations any time. You can donate here. All donations are tax-deductible.
  • Do you have ideas around where we could teach? We are interested in schools, community centers, and local programs that you care about.
  • Do you know anywhere we could move our woodshop? We're thinking about keeping the shop running and starting to sell some basic equipment to help raise funds. 
  • Do you have any building leads? Empty warehouses? If at all possible we'd love to find a space to reliably keep and use our equipment. 
  • Do you know where we could store or rent-out big stuff? We are looking to store or rent our larger pieces of equipment, such as the crash mats for acrobatics and our beloved AirTrick.
  • Do you have space to foster a piece of equipment? Let us know how much space and/or what you imagine being able to hold.
  • Do you know anyone that would be interested in buying any equipment? Without somewhere to store it, we’d prefer other facilities or programs benefit from our stuff.
  • Want to help out clearing out the gym? Sign up for a volunteer work crew here.