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Injury Report
For all client injuries sustained during class time.
Incident Report
Equipment issues or failures, Behavioral Incidents, including bullying, Unusual events that affect class procedure such as bad weather, site change, unexpected closures, run-ins with authority
Injury/Incident Report Guidelines

Equipment Request
Need something for your class?

Employee Handbook

General Expectations of a Parkour Professional
PKV Coach Job Description
Outdoor Class Risk Management Cheat Sheet
School Program Risk Management Cheat Sheet
Risk Management Organization-Wide Plan


Hiawatha Community Center

Laurelhurst Community Center

Magnuson Community Center

Miller Community Center

Ravenna Community Center

Van Asselt Community Center


Robert Eagle Staff Middle School

Lowell Middle School

Stevens School

Crossfit SODO / SODO Fitness Mechanics

Crossfit LOFT




Three types of membership: Academy vs. Community vs. Sustaining
Academy gives unlimited access to drop-in classes as well as deeply discounted ($100s+ off) our series. Great if you live local and want to learn parkour, while supporting othres learning parkour too.
Community gives you a free class a month, and also supports our larger mission of making movement & parkour available for others.
Sustaining supports the mission of the organization, and helps provide free classes, reduced cost programming, playgrounds in community centers, free learning resources, and more!

FAMILY - We are offering a family membership as well for those with 2+ ppl. Must share househould

Movement For All Campaign:

Movement For All is our annual fundraising campaign.


Adult classes throughout week.
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  • Series are mini movement communities where you can work with a small group of others to improve your movement practice. Low-impact, power-oriented, fundamental strength & technique, role playing

  • Drop Ins are open to you any time of the month.

  • FREE adult programming for women and beginners.

  • FREE Monthly member pop-up & potlucks


Teen Team — Ages 13+. Open to join almost any time. Please make a direct request of the head coach You do not need to compete.

Become an Academy member and get a reduced Teen Team fee PLUS free access to all of our drop-in programs. Students must be 16+ or accompanied by an adult to attend adult programming.


Open classes & series on weekends and Thursdays, indoors, at Crossfit SODO & Crossfit LOFT.

Afterschool programs and School afterschool programs also available, through ARC.

Small/private group classes at new locations / in your neighborhood if you can get a group of 4 together to commit to a month of movement!

Quick Contacts

Caitlin Pontrella
Executive Director
Cordelia Storm
Program Director