Getting Started

Parkour is about challenge, and classes at PKV are about giving you the tools to challenge yourself. We run our kids and adult classes on a rotating curriculum that focuses on developing different techniques in every class. You can start at any time without committing to a series of classes, and everyone's first class is free. Use the schedules below to find a class for you or your child.

Here is our full class schedule:

We divide our classes up by age and by level. Click below to see only the classes available for your specific age range. Classes marked "level 2" or "level 3" require a test to join and are not available to first time students. You must attend at least one class before coming to open gym. Kids open gym is available to ages 6-13. Kids ages 6-8 must have an accompanying adult on the floor with them.

All students must complete a standard release of liability waiver in order to participate in classes. Parents: if you are sending your minor child, make sure to fill out our online waiver ahead of time.

Follow the link below to sign up for class and reserve your first free lesson. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a pair of athletic shoes. We'll see you at the gym!


Below are some examples of the categories of movement we teach:

Running techniques focus on covering ground quickly and overcoming obstacles at speed.

Lowline and vaulting techiques use the whole body to overcome obstacles smoothly.

Jumping techniques use power and momentum to fly across gaps.

Climbing and swinging techniques unleash the inner monkey to conquer bars and vertical walls.

In higher level classes, students may start incorporating acrobatics into their training.