Membership Holds

If you need to Hold or Resume your membership please fill out the form below.

Things to remember when putting your membership on hold:

  • You will not have access to open gym or any class credits purchased while on your membership
  • The hold fee is $5 per month (single or family membership) which is charged instead of your regular membership dues.
  • When resuming your membership all class credits purchased prior to the suspension will receive an extension to their expiration date (for the duration you were gone)
  • Future reservations will be canceled to make space for active members and drop ins (you will have those credits available for use after you resume your membership)

Family Memberships:

  • When putting a family membership on hold all students attached to the membership won't be able to use it
    • If you'd like to hold specific family members please head to our add/remove family member page instead: located here

Please note that all membership holds require 48 hour notice to avoid regular autopay charges.


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48hr notice required for hold
Let us know if you need anything else