Over the last fifteen years, Parkour has grown from a small, obscure discipline into a world-wide network of practitioners, athletes, coaches, companies, and communities. Parkour Visions emerged as an early leader in North America and has worked passionately to provide reliable support for learning and development, striving today to make opportunities for physical play and natural movement available to all.

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With a focus on inclusivity accessibility, PKV has managed to reach students across all generations, and ensure no one is turned away from an opportunity to move due to lack of funds.

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design projects built in 2 years

Change doesn't just happen in the classroom; We are actively engaged in physically altering our environments to be more movement & play friendly! Playgrounds, public art, and installations have popped up across North America with PKV behind the scenes.


We have directly engaged and impacted over 25,000 students over the last 10 years through our classes, seminars, and events. We work each year to expand our program reach across all dimensions of diversity.

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