seeking a new home

Parkour Visions is currently seeking a new permanent home and center for our community and classes. Over the next few months we will provide updates here on the search, with our goal being to see the complete restoration of our academy operations by the end of 2018.  In the mean time, we will continue to provide high quality classes, programs, services, and resources to the community.  Find a class, volunteer your time, or consider making a donation so that we can continue to guide people in bettering their physical, emotional, and social health through the practice of parkour.


Want to GIVE BACK AND GET INVOLVED in the meantime?

  • Recommend or connect us to your favorite partners! We are always looking to expand our programming at satellite locations, and work with schools, community centers, companies, and more.  Email us here!
  • Lend your expertise. We know you are packed full of expertise, and we are eager to build our organization on the strengths of our community. Design & marketing, legal and accounting support, coding, art, tech--bring your energy and your ideas. 
  • Storage & Space Share. We have a large inventory of equipment that needs a temporary home, projects to build, and an academy to relaunch. Any tips or leads on spaces and storage are always welcome, as well as foster homes for some of our boxes and bars.
  • Be an advocate for Parkour and spread the word! Tell people why you love parkour, what it brought to your life, and how they can connect with our community. By doing so, you extend the reach of our work and help us meet our vision for a world at play.