Behind the Jump: Creating & Sharing Parkour Media

August 12th-16th
9 AM - 4 PM

Parkour, photography, mobile photo and video editing, social media sharing, storytelling, internet safety

At the heart of Parkour is a culture of sharing videos and photos of our practice with one another. Practitioners all around the world regularly share their challenges, give feedback and support, and build online channels for content.

In this camp, kids will not only will learn and improve their Parkour, but how to share and teach with others through mobile platforms. They will work in groups 

  • Gain experience working with mobile video capture and editing apps

  • Work with DSLR cameras to take photos, and freely available software for photo editing.

  • Help design the PKV Kids instagram

  • Learn Internet safety, setting up social media channels (instagram, youtube) and working with Privacy settings

  • Storyboard and shoot three 60 second long parkour tutorial videos + accompanying photos

… and of course, do lots of parkour!

By the end of the week, students will create the Parkour Visions Kids instagram channel. They will publish, personalize and share their content on this account, with their photos and videos released throughout all of August and September!

$475 for all 5 days
$425 For Early Bird Pricing (Until April 1)
$50 Late Pick up option (Pick up as late as 5pm any day)



Bryan Riggins

Bryan has been training Parkour since 2008 shortly after stumbling upon a series of old grainy YouTube videos detailing the founders (and friends) jumping from wall to wall playfully enjoying their urban environment. He used to follow the motto "80% conditioning, 20% technique" spending his days en(joy)during "body hardening" sessions either in solo or in a group.

Since then his interest in movement has broadened to the disciplines of weight training, systema and plyometric training, and outside of training and coaching he enjoys reading sport science papers, philosophy, neuroscience and psychology.

Steve Zavitz
In addition to being a long time parkour practitioner, Steve is a professional photographer and videographer from NYC! He has worked with numerous athletes and practitioners to capture and share parkour and movement with the world. Check out his work at