At Parkour Visions, we are not only leaders, we are torch-lighters—sparking the fire to find a more playful approach to life in individuals and communities across the world. Our team members travel and teach workshops, deliver public talks, write articles, and share their love with audiences of all ages.


Swinging on the lamposts, designing for play

With Colin MacDonald, Design Director

Essential Elements of Strength and Recovery

With Cordelia Storm, Program Director

Environmental Preservation

with Cordelia Storm, Program Director

Effective Parkour Programming

With Rafe Kelley, Co-founder

Run Jump Roll: Mentorship in Parkour

With Bryan Riggins, Coach

Rethinking Exercise: From Parkour to Play

With Caitlin Pontrella, Executive Director

Parkour in the Park

With Brandee Laird, Coach


With Brandee Laird, Coach


art of retreat - brandee

art of retreat - colin