Private Lessons
& Small Groups

Parkour Visions has an incredible network of talented and thoughtful coaches who are excited to work with you one-on-one or in a small group setting.

Reach out to connect with a coach and start a conversation about your movement goals and how we can help you achieve them!


Some questions we get:

Who can take a private lesson or build a small group class

We work with youth, adults, and seniors!-- All ages and abilities

Why do people take private lessons?

Here are just a few reasons people have told us: 

- Focused, in depth instruction on specific skills and movement goals
- Custom programming to target and address strength or mobility issues
- Long term personalized coaching
- Flexibility of time and location

Why do people take small group classes?

There isn't a class near you, or one that fits in your schedule.
You want to set up a weekly 'afterschool activity' for your child and their friends.
You want more focused attention without having to pay for an individual lesson

Where do you run these sessions? Can you come to me? 7am? 10pm?

We can meet you anywhere, pretty much any time.  So whether you are in Shoreline or south of SoDo, we have teachers all across Seattle and in Tacoma, and some of the best outdoor parks in the world.

Can I take just one lesson?

Yes, though we recommend a minimum of 4 lessons--this gives us enough time to make meaningful progress with you, from setting goals to developing a program and measuring growth.

How many people do I need to do a small group class?

For small groups, we require 4 people and a 4-week commitment!