SourceShare is a non-for-profit, open education initiative for creating and sharing high-quality free resources for the parkour, fitness, and movement arts community. (See our current library below)

We are focused on three major areas of education: 

 We are supporting the free and rapid sharing of educational information, tools, insights, and practices developed by our local and national community. Practitioners. Coaches. Leaders. 

On the first of each month, we release a pack of written articles and post, available for download to our patreons. Over the course of the month, we release them one by one free for the community to read, share, and enjoy. In time, we hope to expand this to video shorts as well, and are presently working on a website and database to house the entirely library as it grows.


When we share ideas, and open them up to conversation, critique, and modification, we create the opportunity for fresh perspectives and approaches to be developed and build. Ideas are not a commodity that need to be protected, but rather shared. Better education for all leads to a better future, and more rapid advancement of what we do as a larger community.

Still not convinced? | More about the world wide open education movement

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There are 2 WAYS to support this initiative.

As a Member of SourceShare, you will gain access to each months resources a week early, as well as bonus content. Plus you are supporting the growth of online open education resources for our community, and in turn, supporting the movement journeys of others.

Right now, this entire endeavor is volunteer run. We are pulling articles from the PKV vault and members of the community are volunteering their expertise and writing short pieces for sharing. If you notice our goals--when we have 50 subscribers, we will start soliciting for and paying authorship, and will give first favor to authors who volunteered their time early on.

The Library

Sourceshare started on March 15, 1018. If you want access to all the articles for the March Release, and to support this project, consider becoming a Patron! 


  • Introduction to the Landing Continuum: Technique, Tips, and Resources. (From the PKVault) TBR 03.23


  • Principles of Space Design in a Parkour Class (From the PKVault) - TBR 03.30