AUGUST 27-31
9 AM - 4 PM

This is the chance! What if we told you that anyone can be a superhero?

In Parkour, heroism is a leadership mindset that drives positive action. It needs no special powers, secret bases, or elaborate costumes (though those are all fun too!). We are spending the last week of camp using movement to explore what it is to be a hero  In this last week of camp, Kids will:

  • Learn and expand upon the fundamentals of Parkour
  • Explore storytelling and improve public speaking through the creation and sharing of their own superhero identity and backstory
  • Draw, design, and create their own superhero outfit by researching symbolism and drawing their superhero outfit on a white tee shirt
  • Engage in a week-long RPG adventure of physical and mental puzzles, group challenges, and cooperative games, culminating in a boss-level 'battle'
  • Master basic first aid skills

Students will also explore universal human problems and brainstorm realistic solutions to help choose which causes they want to fight for in the name of good. Through thought, discussion, and movement, they will learn how to journey toward their heroic selves every day, understanding more deeply how we each can help save the world.


Admired for courage, selflessness, and integrity, The Hero has long been an archetype spanning language, culture, and time itself. From ancient Greek myths to modern American movies, heroes have captivated our imaginations with tales of bravery and feats of strength.


Cordelia Storm

Cordelia embodies what it is to be a superhero every day. She began training parkour at Parkour Visions in 2009 with zero athletic background and worked to becoming one of the senior coaches. She has created for herself a life where she can travel the world sharing movement with a wide range of students. 

She currently holds three parkour coaching certifications, a Crossfit Mobility Certification, and is a Wilderness First Responder. She is a member of the US parkour team "Move to Inspire", competes internationally in parkour obstacle courses and freerunning style competitions, and was also a contestant on American Ninja Warrior season 6. 

Her biggest goal is to empower others to rise to becoming their best self, through challenging self-limitations and recognizing personal ability.