Parkour is a way of using your natural movements (running, jumping, climbing, swinging, crawling) in the environment you have, to set physical challenges and push yourself mentally.  Practitioners are often seen balancing on curbs and railings, jumping around on benches and low walls, swinging on scaffolding, and climbing around their cities and hometowns.

Its challenging & fun; For some, the goal is to be able to leap great lengths, whereas for others, it is to simply move and feel better in the every day.  You get to set your own pace and your path, and have a large connected  community to draw on who will push you to grow towards your goals.

It's also for all ages and abilities: Youth, teens, adults and seniors can all use parkour to improve their overall movement. Even better, it can be done anytime and anywhere.  Parkour doesn't require special equipment or specific spaces to practice--you literally can walk out your front door, in your barefeet if you really wish, and practice any time of the day!

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