AUGUST 19-23
Phinney Ridge
9 AM - 4 PM

Before it became an internet craze, parkour started its life as a practice fueled by self-discipline and exploration with the foundational idea “Be strong to be useful.” At PKV we know that strength comes in many forms—as does utility—especially in our modern world.

All week long, we will explore this idea through challenges aimed at improving physical ability, all while learning practical skills that will last a lifetime. Beyond learning and improving their parkour skills, students will be challenged to discover their personal “Ninja way” based on their values, beliefs, and how they want to contribute to the world.

Activities will include:

  • Exposure to different styles of martial arts

  • Practical skills such as ropecraft, hand sewing, basic first aid response, emergency shelter building concepts, camouflage and concealment

  • Fun ninja games & team building challenges

  • Daily discussions around self-discovery,

  • Observation, listening, balance, and proprioception drills

  • Reflexes and reaction games

By the end, every student will have written a credo based on their values and beliefs and have an arsenal of new skills to help them throughout life. In addition, students will receive a custom ninja tool kit and instruction to help them with their practice beyond the classroom.



Brandee Laird

Brandee  eat, sleeps, breathes the Ninja Way.  A skillful mover, she is known for her smooth, low-impact style, attention to detail, creative approaches to training, and for bringing a playful energy into her instruction. A curious human and avid doer-of things, Brandee is also a juggler, a poet, and can often be found hanging out in the trees. 

+Rotating Martial Arts Instructors Each Day.

Check back closer to the camp dates for information on each of these visiting instructors!