About the Program

Women in Movement is an ongoing series of free programs for supporting the growth of female participation in parkour and physical activity, with a focus of on lowering the barrier to entry by creating a safe, fun, and enjoyable social space to give parkour a go. 

Currently Running

On the third Saturday of every month, PKV hosts a free womens-only outdoor class lead by one of our community instructors, followed by an open training session / jam for women of all skill levels and movement interests.

Confidence, Courage, Character

We believe in empowering women and girls push past their self-limitations, and that the courage, confidence, and character earned through life-long participation in parkour and physical activity are the tools needed to be strong leaders and role models in our community.

Program Partners

We love partnering up to maximize impact, and want to celebrate the local companies working with us to ensure women have a safe and accessible space to explore and learn parkour!

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