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Rediscover Movement

Forget treadmills and machines, and discover what it means to really MOVE! Join our community and you will be challenged to push yourself physically and mentally each class through games and exercises that will have you running, jumping, climbing, swinging, and crawling all over Seattle.

Our Adult classes are open to all abilities ages 16+ and lead by coaches who know how to help you scale up and down to meet you where you are (point A) and take you where you want to be (point B!). Each class we warm up, practice techniques, condition and strength build, play games, and cool down. Whether you are new to parkour or a seasoned practitioner, you will work hard, have fun, and meet people from all walks of life.


Academy Members: $55*
(Become a member→)
Non Academy Members: $220-280

Our series are ongoing communities, founded around the parkour philosophy of ‘start together, finish together.’ All abilities and skill levels are invited to join. We are dedicated to improving our movement & skills together in an environment that is supportive, playful, and safe! Each series has a particular focus, from Foundations for the general practitioner to Power and Low-Impact.

*Academy Members receive FREE access to drop-ins and support our programs, scholarship funds, and commitment to make #movementforall.



Academy Members: $55*
(Become a member→)
Non Academy Members: $230

Level up your practice in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. This is a semi-open training environment supported on by a coach.

While not mandatory, we support Team members competing in the West Coast Parkour League and NAPC apart of the PKV Team.



Academy Members: Unlimited & Free!
Non Academy Members: $25*

Whether you are brand new, a weekend warrior, or a regular practitioner wanting to beef up and polish your skills, you’ll have fun and work hard in our open classes lead by our rockstar coaches!. We welcome people of all abilities — No prior experience needed!

Drop-in/Open Classes are FREE to Academy Members! (Become a member→)

*Thanks to the generosity of our members, your first class is just $15. So grab a friend, and use the code TakeTen when you sign up.


The FoundRY

Lock down and improve your fundamentals! Whether you are a first timer or a long-standing practitioner—you with learn and improve your running, jumping, climbing, balancing, and moving on all fours through drills and games while building strength, coordination, confidence, and community. We focus on intelligent progression, challenge, and fun within a community setting


Parkour-RPG mixes learning parkour with live action roleplaying. No parkour or athletic experience required -  learn how to overcome obstacles safely and progressively, fit for beginner and experienced-practitioner alike. In this series, enter a winter world where you brave the weather on a hero’s journey, choose your character: maybe you're a bard called to action, or a thief seeking redemption. Whatever you choose, you will unravel your mysterious destiny alongside your fellow adventurers, taking on challenges and missions to level-up your character all while acquiring real-world confidence, skills, and strength. Do you have what it takes to step up to the challenge and master your own destiny?


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Wednesdays - Saturdays - Sundays

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