Parkour Visions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the ethos and philosophy of parkour and promoting intelligent practice. We do this by teaching parkour, designing and building parkour parks, playgrounds, and equipment, and freely sharing the knowledge gained on our journey teaching classes and running a parkour education academy.

We have been providing programs, services, and resources to the local and larger community since 2007. We are a strong and diverse community, with children, teens, adults, and seniors engaged rediscovering their love of movement in our classes and at our events. Learn more about our organization on our wiki, find a class, recommend a program near you, or volunteer!

Why Parkour?

All ages | All Abilities | All Over the Place!

Parkour builds physical, emotional, and social strength, and will change not only the way you see yourself, but the way you see your world.  It teaches the importance of both independence and community, and encourages people to challenge themselves, in order to find their best self.

Running, jumping, climbing, swinging; we will show you just what you are capable of, set progressive goals, and help you move better than you ever have before.


Parkour Visions
PO Box 21445
PMB 31949
Seattle, WA 98111

(206) 923-8864

Our Board

Juliet Vong
Joe McSwiney
Jason W. Bay
Margaret Flatness
Zac Cohn
Brian Tracey, Advisory
Carl Cecka, Advisory

Leadership Team

Tyson Cecka, Executive Director
Brandee Laird, Head Coach
Colin MacDonald, Head Designer
Aristotel Zherdi, Front Desk

2015 Annual Report

Capturing our impact and reviewing our growth over the 2015 program year. Click to view in your browser or download (one image).