Our Values

Our values as an organization represent our highest aspirations for how we show up and engage with members, partners, coaches, and the larger community.  We work to align all of our educational programming, design work, and supportive initiatives with our belief system and the needs of our members!

sharing in challenge

We believe that strength comes from community and in sharing challenge with others. We recognize the power to do good is amplified through meaningful partnership with not only other individuals, but businesses, communities, and government. The needs of our students, families, and partners sit at the forefront of our approach and guide us as we research, create, and teach.

movement for all

We value all dimensions of diversity and work to build programs and projects where everyone can find their path and connect to their movement.  We also teach and train in a way that is sustainable and design for longevity.  So, whether you have never done a push up or are an elite athlete looking to hone your skills to the next level, you will find a home with us.

playful professionalism

We might be serious about sharing parkour and play, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We strive to show up positive, passionate, and professionally in everything we do.