The North American Womens Parkour Gathering: Recap!


Last weekend was the 9th Annual North American Womens Parkour Gathering out in Washington DC, drawing 50+ participants over the course of the weekend from 15 different states and all ages. One of the key ideas behind this event is cultivating not only female participation in parkour but also developing leadership, confidence, and volunteerism in the community. It is one of the only all women-organized and led parkour events in the world, each year changing cities in hopes of reaching new and different demographics.

The event was an absolute blast, with 6 awesome workshops that included everything from dealing with impostor syndrome to considerations for how to work with seniors, break-dancing to improve flow, and games to improve proprioception and response time.


We want to give a HUGE thank you to Adrienne Toumayan, Kate Elizabeth, Rosy Noguchi, Rachel Wolf, Alice B. Popejoy, Christina Caraballo, and Christie Marie Thomas for all your hard organizing work! We also want to thank all our volunteer local leaders (Ava, Oliva, Laura, Carrie, Meghan, Michelle, Lauren) and our coaches who lead some incredible workshops (Shefali Shah, Nancy Lorentz, Rachelle Booker). Without all your leadership and passion, this event simply would not be!

We want to also give a huge thank you to our local partner, American Parkour, and their passionate leader Mark Toorock, for all his support. Final shoutout to Peter Waterman for the incredible photography. We simply can not wait to share all the good he captured :)

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing more photos and updates. If you haven’t already marked your calendars, the 10th Anniversary of the Womens Parkour Gathering will happen in San Francisco next year! Last weekend in July—we hope to see you there!