We say yes to fun! We approach our work from a perspective of play. This doesn't just mean in our designs and programs, but also in our mindset and approach to problems. While we take our work seriously, we don't hold back sharing passionately, positively, and playfully. Join us! →

Caitlin brings her love of play and parkour to Parkour Visions all the way from the East Coast. Over the past 10+ years she has worked in both private and public sector, founding parkour companies, leadership events, working with city governments to incorporate play initiatives, and building over 40 pop-up playgrounds along the way. She was drawn to PKV specifically because the missions is something that resonates with her deeply. She believes sport and play are integral to whole human health, and in the profound power of parkour to transform people.

In addition to her role at PKV, she founded and still directs the North American Women’s Parkour Gathering, an initiative developed to increase participation and access for women. She also created the Art of Retreat Parkour Conference, dedicated to best practice sharing and promoting communal learning at the leadership level for parkour foundations. Before that she co-founded and spearheaded the overall growth of The Movement Creative, an east coast movement-fusion company which taught parkour and movement to over 2,000 kids and adults a year.

She is currently serving as the inaugural Chair of the national governing body, The United States Parkour Association, and advocates for alternative athletics / parkour / play on international stages, and has spoken at and participated in events organized by TEDx, Bloomberg Philanthropies (CityLab), US Play Coalition, International Making Cities Livable Council, and the NY AIA.

She likes her book-cases color coordinated, her London Fogs extra foamy, and her training grounds cold and concrete.

Caitlin Pontrella
Executive Director


Colin Macdonald
Design Director

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Matt Dolman


Cordelia Hollingsworth
Program Director

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Ari Zherdi
Communications Manager

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Tyson Cecka
Build Adviser

Brandee is a humanimal who has been practicing parkour since 2006. She has over ten years of teaching experience with the non-profit organization Parkour Visions and has led classes, seminars, and collaborated with parkour communities and organizations worldwide. As an athlete she is known for her fluid, low-impact movement style, balancing power and technique to execute seemingly effortless feats of ninjary. As an instructor, she’s known for her attention to detail, creative approaches to training, and for bringing boundless playful energy into her sessions. A curious human and avid doer-of-things, Brandee is also a juggler and poet, deeply values the mindset of living through utility, and can often be found hanging about at twilight in the trees.

Brandee Laird

Brian (Ox) Tracey

Nicholas Muth

 Tuline Kinaci
Wordsmith Warrior


Bryan Riggins

Ian was born down where the drawls are slow and the tea is sweet but he migrated to the picturesque Northwest to learn some sweet new skills. And learn he did; by day he trades in data and spreadsheets and by night (and sometimes mid-morning) he teaches parkour in this great urban landscape. He was brought up by PKV in the early Leary days, circa 2010, and has been a staple of the Seattle community ever since. A founding member of “Team Old”, Ian started training around his third decade and has been keeping it up almost daily ever since. His coaching style takes its cues from old-school Jackie Chan films and other masterpieces of martial arts cinema.

Ian Schwartz

Rebecca Brightly
Community Organizer

Jake Smith

Joan Lehmiller


Parkour Visions has a large network of apprentices, certified coaches, and affiliated leaders in the community who work with us to deliver on our mission--whether it is in coaching locally or pushing programs abroad under our banner. You might see them from time to time at events and in classes; Don't be shy--they are excited to share their passion for parkour! We also have an incredible group of people who volunteer their time working on projects, sharing our mission, and helping us grow. 


Chrischelle Borhani
Certified Instructor

Padraic Decimo
Certified Instructor

Christopher Hollingsworth
Freerunning Instructor

Henry Silverstein
Certified Instructor


Justin Sweeney
Certified Instructor, Tacoma

Filip Tuhy

Chris James
Certified Instructor

Dustin Carlino
Community Organizer


Julie Angel

Steve Zavitz
Instructor, Photographer

Niko Machado
Certified Instructor


Anya Chibis

Cortney Drummond

Max Kleweno
Certified Instructor

Kellen Frodelius-Fujimoto