Why Parkour?

Forget treadmills and conventional team sports.

Parkour ensures everyone has a life-long path to playful movement and healthy community. Every person builds their own unique practice: Climbing, balancing, swinging, jumping, crawling — in your neighborhood, on your time, with your body, and towards your goals.

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Our Impact

Every year Parkour Visions delivers thousands of parkour experiences to students of all ages and dimensions of diversity. Our services and initiatives connect with communities all over the world through build projects and open education resources, and our members ensure that no one who wants to learn is turned away.



Students engaged 

In our 11 years operating, we have had participants as young as 3 and those into 70s, and directly engaged and impacted over 27,000 unique individuals through our classes, events, and services over our 11 years.


free / affordable classes

In 2018, we provided over 230 free or reduced-cost classes to under-served populations, as well as 18 free community events, impacting over 250 students and practitioners.


projects built in 2 years

Change doesn't just happen in the classroom; We are actively engaged in physically altering our environments to be more movement & play friendly! Playgrounds, public art, and installations have popped up across North America with PKV behind the scenes.


join the movement

Parkour Visions is a community of Go-Getters and Go-Givers. As students learning, coaches sharing, volunteers giving, and donors gifting, our members bring to life a vision of the world where there is #MovementForAll!  So, whatever your abilities, interests or pace of life may be, there is a place here for you!


learn parkour

Our classes are designed to be accessible to all ages and abilities; Whether you are rediscovering your love of movement or expanding your skills, you'll grow with us—while helping others grow too! Did you know a portion of every class revenue goes to providing classes to under-served populations?

share with others

Make a profound impact on others lives through sharing parkour, play, and urban sports. We are always looking to expand our base of volunteers, from building to events, outreach, social media, photography, writing, and more! Share your skills with us and others!

become a member, donate!

Through Parkour Visions you can support equal, affordable access to urban recreation for all. Membership and gifts help create new programs, build playgrounds, and provide scholarships to ensure no one is turned away. Give the gift of movement to others.


It is in playing, and only in playing, that the individual child or adult is able to be creative and to use the whole personality, and it is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self.

- D.W. Winnicott