2019 Mid-Year Organization Wide Update

The summer is, unbelievably, almost up! It’s been a busy few months for all of here at Parkour Visions, expanding programming, building new partnerships, hosting visiting instructors, and laying the groundwork for the Fall launch of a few projects mentioned in our #MovementForAll campaign and annual fund!

Instead of reflecting on all of these projects and programs right now in brief, over the next few weeks we will be updating our news with individual stories and photos highlighting our various youth programs, STEM camps, national events, and projects in the works.

This frees me up to use this years Mid-year update to answer some of the questions I receive most frequently—from the direction of the organization to where we are going and how fast and how to get more involved. I’m going to jump right in, highlighting each section in bold!

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Caitlin Pontrella
The North American Womens Parkour Gathering: Recap!

Last weekend was the 9th Annual North American Womens Parkour Gathering out in Washington DC, drawing 50+ participants over the course of the weekend from 15 different states and all ages. One of the key ideas behind this event is cultivating not only female participation in parkour but also developing leadership, confidence, and volunteerism in the community. It is one of the only all women-organized and led parkour events in the world, each year changing cities in hopes of reaching new and different demographics.

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Do you believe in Movement For All?

We are excited to announce the launch of the#MovementForAll Fund!

Our goal is to raise $25,000 by Sunday, February 24th. The Fund will go to increased access to all of PKV’s programs, new and upgraded equipment, additional learning programs like parkour training for PE teachers and the Teen Team, free community events, regional and international coach development, program administration, and improved organizational resiliency…

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Caitlin Pontrella
2018 Annual Report

We are pleased to release our 2018 Annual Report! You can download this small pdf right here

In 2018 Parkour Visions faced huge challenges—and made huge leaps forward. The lost of the gym at the very end of 2017 severely cut back our program reach and offerings--but only for a short period of time. Though we started the year with only two classes a week running by the end of the year we had over 25! 90% of our programming was brand new — and ended up directly impacting youth and adult practitioners, coaches, business owners, and enthusiasts from over 30 Seattle neighborhoods, 35 states, and 5 countries!

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The Barriers to Play - and the Power of Parkour

Did you know that we are most physically active at age 6? After that we start slowing down, and by age 19 we end up as sedentary as 60-year-olds. Yikes. I mean, by the time students approach the end of high school, almost TWO THIRDS (61-63.1%) don’t attend physical education classes at least once a week, and a majority of those who leave sports during that time often leave active lifestyles permanently….

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2018 Mid-Year Organization-Wide Update

In the last 7 months, Parkour Visions:

  • Was awarded a $50,000 grant by Kings County to run free programming for low-income, at risk youth in south Seattle in 2019

  • Partnered up with ARC & the City of Seattle to deliver over 100 free or reduced cost classes so far this year to diverse youth at 5 different community centers

  • Designed a few new playgrounds, including a project in Centennial Park moving into construction!

  • Launched 2 free monthly community classes, ensuring that no one is turned away from getting a quality movement education due to lack of funds.

Below I’d like to share with you a little more on some of these accomplishments, as well as updates on where we are in the gym hunt!

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Caitlin Pontrella
Join us on Patreon!

Parkour Visions is committed to supporting Parkour's long history of free sharing, mutual learning, and open education. Each month we will release a small set of high quality articles and documents for free to the public. 

We are launching a Patreon to support this project, in hopes of one day being able to pay the authors who currently donate their time and energy to share with you their knowledge (as well as seek out authors in the larger movement community to contribute)!

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2018 Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends of Parkour Visions;

I am both honored and excited to join your organization during a pivotal time in it's history. The last few months certainly have been difficult, and the obstacles before us might seem higher than ever before. However, I have learned from 10+ years collaborating within the larger movement world that incredible things can be achieved when we choose to share challenges and work together towards a common goal.

So yes, while we have a big challenge ahead, we also have a big, passionate community and big, powerful dreams--and these two things are enormous strengths.

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Caitlin Pontrella